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My name is Ricardo A. Fernandez and I am running for State Representative as a Republican in the new 35th District. My wife, Gina, and I have lived together in
the district for over 22 years. We love our community and have been blessed to be born and enjoy the greatness of America. We want to see Illinois be revitalized and once again become a successful state that demonstrates fiscal responsibility, attracts businesses, fully employs its residents, and responsibly manages the pensions of our hard-working retirees.
This can be achieved by governing by the lessons I learned from growing up in a large family: hard work, self-reliance, honesty, integrity, family values, duty, helping
your neighbor, the power of faith, and a sense of responsibility to community and country.
This year, instead of looking around for someone to represent me in Springfield, I have decided to “do something about it.”
As a candidate to become your State Representative I am committed to:
Promote job growth and assist businesses in Illinois. Attract new businesses to the state by lowering the corporate income tax rate for all businesses in Illinois,
not just a select few.
Strengthen Illinois’ economy and help the taxpayers of Illinois by providing state income tax relief. I have signed the pledge to not raise state income taxes.
  • Cut waste in government, end wasteful spending, demand accountability in
  • Springfield and balance the budget. Springfield needs to live within their means like the rest of us.
  • Save the pensions for retirement security.
  • Support pro-life policies.
  • Defend the Second Amendment and get "concealed carry" in Illinois.
I am looking forward to the opportunity to run my campaign, debate my opponent and show the voters the stark contrast between myself and our opposition.
I need your help to realize this goal. Please see my website and if you believe in me, you can volunteer to help or make a donation to assist the campaign for the
November 6th Election. Together we can get results and do something about it!.

Ricardo A. Fernandez Ph.D

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